Great craft beer is always in style. So is our stylish swag. Announce your love for PSB loud and proud by sporting our T-shirts, tanks, hats, hoodies and more. All at the same time. Layer it on, folks. Winter gets chilly around here.

Visit the gift shop in the Tasting Room at the brewery.
1401 Saint Andrew Street
La Crosse, WI 54603


Tuesday – Thursday: 4 – 8 pm
Friday: 3 – 10 pm
Saturday: Noon – 7 pm

  • 3000

    Men’s PSB Logo Longsleeve

    Sizes available: Medium-2XL

  • PSB_122315_30

    Men’s Baseball Tee

    Sport your love for PSB in style!

    “Support Local Beer” on the sleeve.

  • PSB_122315_26

    Light Grey Hoodie

    Unisex zip-up hoodie.

  • PSB_122315_6


    Not your Mothers Apron handmade bar soap



    Hop Head

    Java Lava


  • PSB_122315_18

    Support Local Beer Key Chain

    Keychain and bottle opener

    Color: Gray & Black

  • Black Pullover Hoodie

    Black Pullover Hoodie

    Sizes available:

    Small – 3XL

    Colors: Black

  • Mens Last Hop Longsleeve

    Men’s “Good to the last hop” Longsleeve

    Sizes available: Medium- 2XL

    Colors: Blue

  • Women's Scoop Kneck Sweater

    Women’s Scoop Neck Sweater

    Sizes available: Small-3XL

    Colors: Grey

  • Men's Flannel

    Men’s Flannel

    Sizes available: Medium-3XL

  • Women's Brewtiful Longsleeve

    Women’s Brewtiful Longsleeve

    Sizes available: Small-2XL

    Colors: White

  • Women's Striped Shortsleeve

    Women’s Striped Shortsleeve

    Sizes available: Small-2XL

    Colors: White

  • Linalool Bike Jerseys

    Linalool Bike Jersey

    Women’s & Men’s Sizes Available:


  • PSB_122315_28

    Men’s Tank Top

    PSB logo

    Limited sizes available

  • PSB_122315_21


    “1/2 Pint Sized Baby”

    Size: 6 MONTH

    Colors: Green & Yellow

  • PSB_122315_13

    Black Mesh Trucker Hat

    PSB logo on one size fits all mesh cap

  • PSB_122315_15

    Green Mesh Trucker Hat

    PSB logo on one size fits all cap

  • grayhoodie_front

    Black Hoodie

    Printed on the front, sleeve and back. It’s PSB all over!

  • grayhoodie_back

    Black Hoodie

    This is the back of the black hoodie.

  • grayshirt_mens

    Black Gray T-shirt

    “Support Local Beer” …please!

  • grayshirt_womens

    Black T-shirt – Women’s

    “Support Local Beer”

  • lightgrayshirt

    Light Gray T-Shirt

    “We love the crap out of yeast!” …and yes, we will marry it.

  • brownshirt

    Brown T-shirt

    “We love the crap out of yeast!”

  • workshirt_front

    Blue Work Shirt

    When you need to get your hands dirty, this is your shirt. Our logo is on the back too.

  • workshirt_back

    Blue Work Shirt

    This is the back of the work shirt.

  • logodisc

    PSB Metal Tacker

    This is our custom PSB metal Tacker. It looks great on walls, ceilings, posts, doors…you know…flat surfaces.

  • shirtgrowlerglass

    Growlers and Glasses

    Stop by the tasting room and pick up a growler of your favorite beer. You will need a glass to drink the beer in the growler though, luckily we’ve got those as well!

    Suppose you could just drink out of the growler but that’s not very classy.