The Brew Crew

We Brew. Everybody Drinks. Repeat.

Back in 1999, craft beers were revolutionizing America’s beer culture. That same year, Brewmaster Joe Katchever founded Pearl Street Brewery — with only a dream, a 1984 Eagle Wagon, and a trailer packed with brewery equipment driven from Colorado to the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Although Joe and his dad started in a small, subterranean brewhouse on Pearl Street, the celebration and Grand Opening was enough to attract a mob of flavor-starved people and get Mayor Medinger to tap the inaugural keg. Pearl Street Brewery eventually expanded to the historic La Crosse Footwear building on Saint Andrew Street.

We’ve come a long way. Today, Pearl Street beer can be found on tap in most restaurants and bars in the area and on the shelves of retailers around the state — and now, in Minnesota and Iowa. But the one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is a big commitment to making great beer. It is the only thing that still matters. It’s that simple. We’re inspired by good beer.

The crew behind the brew.

What kind of people run a brewery? The dedicated kind. The fun kind. The do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-it-done kind. At PSB, we attribute the fine quality of our beers to the fine-quality men and women who make it happen. Stop in and get to know the people behind your favorite brew.

  • Tony

    a.k.a. Tone

    Founder, Owner, Quality Control (wink, wink!). Although he lives in Port Washington (“Lakeside”), Tone remains an integral part of the brewery. His hobbies include working on his perpetual architectural fantasy and driving long distances to hang out with his cutie-pie granddaughter…and have a fresh PSB pint, of course!

  • Joe Katchever

    a.k.a. BrewMaster

    Owner, Founder, Brewmaster, Production Manager, Beer Aficionado and all-around bad-ass; Joe truly immerses himself in his work. He is living proof that where there’s a will…there’s definitely a way. Hobbies include beer, brewing beer, drinking beer, talking beer, cooking stir-fry, burnin’ down the road on his chopper, and sampling his own wares.

  • Tami

    a.k.a. BrewMistress

    Director of Sales and Marketing, or as her favorite coffee mug reads: “Queen of F***ing Everything.” She only breaks for a steamy, spicy bowl of Pho or maybe a quick workout! When she’s not holdin’ down the fort here at PSB, you’ll find her burnin’ up the tar on her Sporty, hanging out at The Boathouse, or snuggling with The Sprout.

  • The Sprout

    a.k.a. Junior Brewmaster

    Sprout joined our brewery family on May 31, 2009, and has already made quite the impression with beer (and baby!) enthusiasts alike. Although she might just be a pencil pusher now, she’s already established herself as The Boss. Hobbies include toolin’ around the brewery on her trike, and moonlighting as the newest tambourine player and backup dancer of local musicians that grace our Happy Hour stage.

  • Jordan

    a.k.a. JC The Head Brewer

    Jordan wasn’t just born to brew. Nope. He done learned it too! He joined us with a good base of brewing knowledge as a Siebel Institute graduate and he is our Head Brewer.  He also spent a year studying in Germany. And since he lays no claim to any amazing stupid human tricks, and joining the circus is out, he’s stickin’ with beer. Oh did we mention he’s from Chicago? While he won’t admit to being a Bears fan… he didn’t exactly deny it!

  • Chance


    As an Assistant Brewer, Chance brings with him experience, passion for beer, and a thirst to keep learning and honing his brewing skills. He stands well over 6′ 5″ and has adopted the title of  The Reacher of High Things. But when it comes to crawling in and out of our tanks, it’s a bit of a squeeze. But he doesn’t mind. He’s absolutely crazy about amusement parks and roller coasters and spends his spare time trying to find the best ones. This keeps him accustomed to the ups and downs of the fast paced life of brewing award-winning beers, dealing with demanding sales people, the angst changing brew schedules, and the joy of producing fantastic beers.

  • Dillon

    a.k.a.DJ Dill

    As our Sales Manager, when it comes to selling beer Dillon is all business. As one of our longest tenured employees he’s seen our company grow and evolve, and has been a big part of that. After a brief hiatus working for another company, he’s come back to his roots with more knowledge and experience to help guide Pearl Street Brewery into the future. And when he’s not working the numbers, DJ Dill’s working two turntables and a microphone. And sure, he likes to let his hair down like the rest of us. But with his long mane, it takes a whole bottle of conditioner, some upper arm strength and a lot of patience.

  • Kaleb

    a.k.a. Dubbs

    As our La Crosse On-Premise Beer Ambassador, Kaleb meets all brewery requirements. Beard. Check. Beer Lover. Check. Tall. Check. Cool name. Check. But we call him Dubbs. This 5th generation apple grower fell a little ways from his family tree. But the beer biz is the next best thing. Did we mention that he can do a spot on Australian accent? Chicks dig that.

  • Chris


    When it comes to life, Clower has been there and done that. He’s met some really interesting people and has had some awesome jobs. He’s even owned his own restaurant/bar. He’s passionate about music and has worked for many years as a sound and lights technician. So when it comes to someone who can do and does… he’s our guy. As our La Crosse Retail Sales Manager, he’s responsible for keeping the shelves stocked. Which he does with gusto. And when it comes to enjoying a coldie… he recommends pairing one with some great tunes and of course, some mood lighting.

  • Max


    Our crew drinks beers with beards. That’s our thing. And Wiggles is no different. However, he also has one of the BEST mustaches around. Especially when he twists it up all fancy and wicked. To be honest, that’s why The Brewmistress hired him. Another claim to fame? The man NEVER gets cold. Ever! His shins and calves get as much daylight as the top of his bald head. Odd? Naw… he’s just 100% Wisconsinite.

  • Josh

    a.k.a.Beer Major

    He may be known as Josh Miner, but around here he’s the Beer Major. If you think counting 99 bottles of beer on the wall is fun, try counting the thousands upon thousands of cases and kegs he’s responsible for. Plus he’s a whiz at spreadsheets. The following are listed as his better qualities: cook, cyclist, outdoor enthusiast, (former) stay-at-home dad, homemaker, bike mechanic, debater, gardener, and unabashed hedonist, but his claim to fame is his quick as lightening dishwasher unloading skills and unchallenged and perhaps unsubstantiated champion leg wrestling status.

  • Beau

    Tasting Room & Hospitality Manager

  • Heather

    Administrative & Marketing Manager

  • Pickles

    a.k.a. Jesse

    Sure, you can call Pickles by his real name, but that would just be weird. Pickles kegs. Pickles bottles. Pickles prefers Pearl Street Pale Ale. Pickles pours potent potables into a pickle-patterned flask. No word yet on if he picks pickled peppers, but he does like telling the story of how he got his name. So if you catch him when he’s not tinkering around filling up containers with beer, buy Pickles a Pale and ask him about it (try saying that 10 times fast!).

  • Robby


    As the resident fix-it, jack of all trades, figure out how it works guy, he’s used to hearing ROBBY!!! If it’s broke, he can fix it. And if you can’t find him, just listen for his trademark liggle. No need for spellcheck. We made that one up. It’s a cross between a laugh and a giggle. And when he’s not making things all better around here, he’s off to the races… literally. He’s raced in a local demolition derby. He races around after his kid. And he really enjoys racing around town drinking up Pearl Street Brewery beers!

  • Ian


    Ian, or Mumbles as we like to call him, is our Cellarman/Jack of All Trades. But if you don’t lean in and listen carefully, you might miss what he has to say. So when he’s not busy being inaudible, he’s either bottling some Pearl Street beer, merchandising beer on the shelves at our area retailers, or overseeing his domain… Building U. You heard me. He has his own assigned building. He also insists on wearing shorts during the frigid cold months of our Wisconsin winters. He says it’s because he doesn’t get cold. Or maybe Mumbles said his pants are full of holes. Hmmm we should look into getting a translator.

  • Mike

  • Joel

  • Mary

  • Carrie

    a.k.a. Design Guru

    Our resident Designer is nothing short of stylie. We’d say she makes beer look better — but is that really possible? When she’s not running our in-house print shop, On Three Printing, she’s out for a ridge run in MN, riding copilot on the back of her hubby’s Harley, or snugglin’ with her hounds Auggie and Tinsley. Her claim to fame is her infamous wedding amidst the 100-year storm in the Coulee Region.

  • Christina

    a.k.a. Tina

    Our screen print maven and graphic design apprentice was raised in Sparta and used to live in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. Why would she leave paradise? We’re thinking she didn’t come back for the cold ass winters or famous Mid-western hot dishes. Nope, it was probably the cheese. And the beer. And the fantastic biking. And hiking. The Majestic Mississippi. Gorgeous bluffs. Wait a minute. See what we did here? Paradise must be what you do… not where you live!

  • Haley


    You don’t get a nickname like Hailstorm without having a boatload of sass and being a bit of an instigator. She’s direct, confrontational, and loads of F.U.N! She recently moved back to town after a year of living in Madison. But not before touring pretty much half of the U. S. dropping in on family and friends along the way. As the Office Assistant at On Three Printing & Pearl Street Brewery, she is in charge of wrangling all of our print and design needs. Caution, when it comes to having a good time, the forecast calls for a Hailstorm, so be prepared!

  • Holly

  • Erin

    a.k.a. Emo

    Erin’s never been known to turn down a shift, so you can bet you’ll run into her at the Tasting Room. She knows how to sweetly pour you a pint, but we’ve seen her shoot tequila with the manliest of men. Known to have quite the green thumb, if she’s not chasing around after her son Shay, she’s diggin’ in some dirt somewhere making pretty things grow!

  • Jessica

    As one our newest Beertenders, Jess is a fresh friendly face to greet you at the door. She’s been a great addition to our hospitality team. But being nice doesn’t mean she’ll take any shit. She grew up with two brothers, so she knows how to thwart rude customers. Not that she she would… but she could. She loves to soak up life’s pleasures and spends her summers beering, biking and boating. Oh snap… she’s also a budding amateur photographer so don’t forget to show her your good side.

  • Ben

    a.k.a. Happy Horn

    As a farmer, Ben’s used to answering questions about his farm and his produce. That’s why he’s such a great fit here. He just gets it. When he’s not peddling his fresh grown fruits and veggies at local farmers’ markets, he dealing with our pedalers every Wednesday for Free Wheelin’ Wednesdays. And just to make sure he doesn’t have too much free time on his hands, he’s also a long-time employee of Buzzard Billy’s Downtown La Crosse.

  • Brett

  • Kyle

  • Theresa

    a.k.a. Mama Bean Juice

    There’s a buzz about our beer and in the case of our Java Lava Coffee Stout, Theresa is partly responsible. That’s because her coffee shop, Bean Juice, roasts our Guatemalan coffee beans fresh for each batch. And when she’s not busy running her own business, she moonlights with us in our Tasting Room. She also takes credit for naming our Rubber Mills Pils. What does she do with her free time? Does she have free time? After cramming in a few clogging sessions, sailing the seas, and some volunteering… she has just enough time for relaxin’ with coffee or beers, of course.

  • Toni


    Have you ever met someone that has a laugh that matches their smile. Toni does. It’s big, bright, and infectious. As a beertender, she is the friendly face you see when you first walk in the door. And when she’s not working, she’s usually snapping some photographs of anything and everything that catches her interest. She’s also working hard promoting her other job… JavaVino, a great coffee/wine and beer house in La Crosse. As for her nickname… let’s suffice it to say, at one time we had two Toni’s… one boy. And one girl.

  • Angi


    What happens when you hang around PSB long enough? You get put on the schedule. So, it was not surprising when Angi found herself on the other side of the bar… working as one of our fine beertenders. She fits in just fine with her red hair and her quick witt. Her can-do attitude is an asset with the never ending to-do list… she’s great at volunteering for tasks, AND enlisting the help of her husband Chad. Careful Chad… the schedule has some openings!

  • Darcey

    a.k.a. MumDMC

    Nothing gets by Darcey. She’s spot on and on top of it. She loves to serve up warm fuzzies and the beer buzzies when you come visit us. And when she’s not here beertending, she’s at home chasing after two daughters and twin boys. Uffda! We can say that because she’s from MN. But her football soul belongs to Green Bay. Go figure.