Shakespeare from the Ground Presents The Ides of March Julius Caesar

Shakespeare from the Ground

Shakespeare from the Ground Presents The Ides of March Julius Caesar

One of Shakespeare’s Plays, No Director, One Rehearsal, at a Bar.

The newly formed Shakespeare From the Ground theater ensemble in La Crosse announces their second production in partnership with Pearl Street Brewery. They will be bringing The Ides of March Julius Caesar to life in a unique way Tuesday, March 24, 2020. The group is modeled after the premise developed by Chicago’s The Back Room Shakespeare Project of performing one of Shakespeare’s plays in the spirit in which it was written.

The vision for Shakespeare from the Ground is to develop and connect a dynamic group of experienced performers to a network of businesses willing to collaborate in the exploration of the works of Shakespeare as they were meant to be played: by actors, for the rowdy patrons on the ground.

Shakespeare from the Ground believes that Shakespeare is for everyone. The mission is to make the works of Shakespeare interesting and accessible to audiences through high energy, raw performances developed through actor collaboration rather than artistic direction by a single voice.

In Julius Caesar, jealous conspirators convince Caesar’s friend Brutus to join their assassination plot against Caesar. To stop Caesar from gaining too much power, Brutus and the conspirators kill him on the Ides of March.

Local & Regional Actors Include:

Sara Adams [ Portia ]
Chuck Charbeneau [ Antony ]
David Cochran [ Fourth Citizen, Servant to Octavius ]
Tess Douty [ Trebonius ]
Morgan Gates [ Cassius ]
Dawn Havican [ Soothsayer ]
Jake Kaiser [ First Citizen ]
Josh Kaiser [ Second Citizen ]
Corrine Kessler [ Lepidus, Third Citizen, Servant ]
Kaitlyn Lance [ Cinna ]
Barry McKnight [ Caesar ]
Ron Mickkle [ Calpurnia ]
Gabe Ross [ Favius ]
Devin Simko [ Decius Brutus ]
Kara Sommerfeldt [ Metellus ]
Matt Springer [ Brutus ]
Kyle Tanis [ Lucius ]
Lex Violette [ Octavius ]
Sam White [ Casca ]

You’re invited to find out firsthand what happens when this group of dedicated actors who understand their work take one of Shakespeare’s plays, eliminate the director, and are willing to step into the chaos. Mark your calendars for the second performance from Shakespeare from the Ground: The Ides of March Julius Caesar.

What: The Ides of March Julius Caesar
When:  Tuesday, March 24, 20120  | Doors 6pm – Show 7-9pm
Where: Pearl Street Brewery
1401 St Andrew St, La Crosse, WI 54603
Cost: Free

About Shakespeare From The Ground
Shakespeare from the Ground is based on the blueprint designed by The Back Room Shakespeare Project in Chicago—One of Shakespeare’s Plays, No director, One Rehearsal, at a Bar. The La Crosse, WI ensemble was formed in 2019 by Chuck Charbeneau who has a background in improv and theater. For more information about upcoming events, visit or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @Shakespearefromtheground and Twitter @shakespearefro1.

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