Seasonal and Limited Release Beers

We are constantly playing, er, ah working hard in the Brewhouse and using our brains, tongues and techniques to come up with new and interesting beers. You’ll find them appearing fleetingly on tap in our Tasting Room and at the some of the most selective bars and restaurants in the area. They often come unexpectedly and are gone before you know it. Check the What’s Brewing page for new and upcoming releases. Here are a few of the ones we make annually or have made in the past.

17-UP Lemon Lime Gose (2018 World Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner)

Originally brewed to celebrate 17 years of The Pearl Street Brewery, this is a tangy and refreshing conundrum. This sour summer ale has undergone spontaneous primary fermentation with native microbes found in the air in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This natural, terroir fermentation doesn't just create an inviting sourness, but also connects this beer to our land and our community. This particular Gose is flavored with natural lemon-lime essence for a mind-warping exbeerience. 5% ABV 3.5 IBUs

*NEW* Pop Gose (2018 World Beer Championship Silver Medal Winner)

New 4-part Seasonal Series. This sour spring ale has undergone spontaneous primary fermentation with native microbes found in the air in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This natural, terroir fermentation doesn't just create an inviting sourness, but also connects this beer to our land and our community. The complex flavor profile is built with lavender and hibiscus flowers, which are both tart and aromatic, while cucumbers lend a light, fresh taste. It's as refreshing as the spring thaw in Wisconsin. 5%ABV 3.5 IBUs **Released April 2018 for Between The Bluffs**

Smokin' Hemp Porter

Another Pearl Street original. This dark, smooth, and easy drinkin’ porter is made with cherry-wood smoked malt and toasted Canadian hemp seeds. Released each year on 4/20 and aged throughout the year, its flavor matures with time. 5.5% ABV 18 IBUs

Dankenstein IIPA

This freak of a beer is brewed with a monster mix of pure barley malts stitched together with a hodgepodge of the stinkiest hops we could find. This beer is determined to be quite dank with a starting gravity of 19.2 and colossal quadruple-hoppings in the brewkettle. It is unfiltered and naturally carbonated for the freshest flavor. 10% ABV & 146 IBUs **Spring 2018 Release with Smokin' Hemp Porter this year**

Rumpshaker IPA

Shake-it-baby-shake-it-baby-one-two! No — not your beer! Just like food that has evolved into distinct local and regional variants over the years, beer styles have also diverged into sub-styles. One of our favorite recent regional discoveries is the New England IPA (NEIPA). Looking more like a milkshake than a beer, brazen turbidity and bright, juicy hops mark this style. You’ll often find a NEIPA to be fruited, although our version is not. 5.7% ABV 65 IBUs *Release March 1, 2018*

Sour Winter Gose (2018 World Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner)

New 4-part Seasonal Series. This sour winter ale has undergone spontaneous primary fermentation with native microbes found in the air in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This natural, terroir fermentation doesn’t just create an inviting sourness, but also connects this beer to our land and our community. The brisk tangy backbone is a lot like the brisk Winter air around here. This beer also contains unrefined, ancient sea salt, fresh spruce tips harvested by our friends up in the mountains around Juneau, Alaska and the essential oil pressed from the skins of the rare Italian Bergamot orange. 5.2% ABV 3.5 IBUs **Released January 2018**

2018 Winter Ball Batch 1000 (BKBBAIDTB)

We knew we had to brew up something special for PSB's 1000th batch of beer, but we also wanted to pay tribute to the beer that started it all, Downtown Brown. Aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels until it reached perfection, this Imperial Brown can only improve as time goes on. So whenever you choose to pour yourself a glass, raise it up and cheers to 1000 beers. 10.5% ABV (Extremely Limited 20oz. Bombers Available)

2018 Winter Ball Encounter Sour IPA

This tart and refreshing India pale ale was soured just a tad in the brew kettle before being heartily dosed with Mosaic and Amarillo hops. A blend of flavors from these interstellar hop varieties, combined with the refreshingly tangy flavor profile, results in a truly awesome drinking experience with wave upon wave of flavor. 6.5% ABV

2018 Winter Ball Kessel Run Kolsch

Han Solo would surely have filled the Millennium Falcon's cargo hold with this delicious and easy drinking Kolsch! This wonderfully simple beer is made using a surprisingly delicate and intricate malt bill, full of various forms of malted barley and flaked corn. Rounding out the flavor profile, the appropriately named Sky Rocket hops shine through and bring balance to the force (of this beer). 4.7% ABV

2018 Winter Ball Mama's Milky Way Stout

A truly out-of-this-world beer, this milk stout will tempt any extraterrestrial into abducting it! With all the milk sugar we put in there, a thick and creamy mouthfeel is the first thing you may notice about this beer before the complex malt flavors truly present themselves. Featuring Wisconsin produced Blackprinz malt, the decadence found in this beer is hard to ignore yet easy to approach. 5% ABV

2018 Winter Ball Prison Planet B

Using the traditional Parti-Gyle brewing style, we created this experimental mixed fermentation beer. Seven malts in the malt mill creates a complex baseline. Fermenting with saison yeast and ageing in red wine barrels with brettanomyces provides the funkiness. Blending with just a skosh of our sour gose base gives it a nice crisp finish.

2018 Raspberry Tambois (2018 World Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner)

A tribute to our sometimes tart but always effervescent Tami, this tart and effervescent Belgian-style Framboise is actually brewed with yeast and bacteria cultures just like the spontaneously fermented beers of the Lambic region of West Flanders. We age this beer on a half-pound of raspberries for every pint! 8.0% ABV 8 IBUs *Released Jan 13th* (20oz. Bombers Available for Sale)

Breakfast Beer

Previously released in 2015 as a draught-only offering, this rich and malty cream ale has been infused with freshly roasted coffee beans by our friends at Bean Juice Coffee here in La Crosse.  This one will get you up in the morning and put you to bed at night. Yakima Valley Perle and Willamette round out the hop profile, while it gets its great malt backbone from North American Pale Ale, Honey Malts, and Steel Cut Oats. 4.5% ABV  5 IBUs

2017 Community Harvest Ale

We are so excited to share Pearl Street Brewery’s SOUP Community Harvest Ale! This unique beer is made from hops grown by amateur farmers in the community. Much like the attendees of a La Crosse SOUP event, when this diverse group of hops comes together, something incredible happens. (Currently Unavailable) Released Dec 2017

Pearl-Iner Weisse

Called the "People's Champagne" this cloudy, sour wheat beer that originated in 16th century Berlin, Germany. Brewed with German yeast and other critters and often served with a dose of Woodruff or Raspberry syrup. 4.5% ABV 5 IBUs

2017 Bedwetter Barleywine

Caution: Too many of these beers may cause an unhealthy loss in sex appeal, maturity and bladder control. Named from experience, this is the big daddy of beers. Brewed with seven types of barley and two different hops, this strong ale is aged in our cellar for a full year before release. Comes in at 11% ABV (Currently Unavailable)

2017 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Bedwetter Barleywine

First brewed back in 2002, this extremely rare version of our rich and malty barleywine has been slow-rollin’ in bourbon barrels, earning the mellow tone of the oak. Sure to be a treat for sippin’ and savoring; and just like a pair of wool mittens, it’s definitely a Winter warmer at 11% ABV. (Currently Unavailable)

2017 Citrye IPA

Also known around the brewery as "Cat's Eye PA", this wonderfully unbalanced Citra-hopped IPA is pure neuvo hop-lovers' bliss. Rye is the burly thug of the grass family and lends a husky, roggenbier tone to this medium-bodied IPA. We dig it. 6% ABV 56 IBUs (Currently Unavailable)

2017 Evil Doppelganger

Evil Doppelganger means “Evil Twin” in German. This German lager is one of the many bock biers our Bavarian relatives have given us. A doppelbock is a “double bock,” meaning it’s a double dose of malt and hops, which yields a stronger flavored beer with a higher alcohol content. Cue evil laughter. 8.0% ABV.

Shitty Lyte Beer

Yep, it’s a light American lager folks! Ever heard people say that these type of beers are “actually really hard to brew because the flavor is so light that there’s nowhere to hide the defects”? Well, it wasn’t that hard. Canadian two-row barley malt makes the ehem, “backbone” of this one. In true mega-beer fashion, we used a bunch of cheap adjuncts to supplement the grain bill. There’s just no brewing a shitty light beer without them! Dextrose sugar, corn flakes and rice hulls make up a good percentage of the fementables, creating a lighter-than-life mouthfeel. Quadruple-hops-brewed with pure Mississippi Valley well water and driftwood-aged for smoothness. So, head for the bluffs! This beer’s for you. 4.7% ABV 5 IBUs

Applefest AppleWeizen

For this fall seasonal, we partner our hefeweizen wheat ale with local, organic Honeycrisp Apple Juice from our friends in La Crescent, the "Apple Capital of Minnesota." This creates a one-of-a-kind, tangy salute to the Autumn apple harvest! The locals enjoy it so much, it became the official beer of Applefest. 5.0% ABV 6 IBUs

Lederhosen Lager Fest Bier

Come late September each year, we start feeling the Gemütlichkeit. It’s time to dust off our lederhosen and drink beer. Lederhosen Lager is our salute to La Crosse’s great German heritage and over 150 years of brewing tradition. Brewed with Pilsen and Vienna malts, true German lager yeast, and spiced with paired hops grown in Hallertau. You’ll find this amber beer to be smooth, malty, and easy drinking. Ein Prosit! 5.5% ABV 11 IBUs