Seasonal and limited release beers

We are constantly playing, er, ah working hard in the Brewhouse and using our brains, tongues and techniques to come up with new and interesting beers. You’ll find them appearing fleetingly on tap in our Tasting Room and at the some of the most selective bars and restaurants in the area. They often come unexpectedly and are gone before you know it. Check the What’s Brewing page for new and upcoming releases. Here are a few of the ones we make annually or have made in the past.

Raspberry Tambois

A tribute to our sometimes tart but always effervescent Tami, this tart and effervescent Belgian-style Framboise is actually brewed with yeast and bacteria cultures just like the spontaneously fermented beers of the Lambic region of West Flanders. We age this beer on a half-pound of raspberries for every pint! 8.0% ABV.

Smokin' Hemp Porter

Another Pearl Street original, this dark, smooth and easy drinkin’ porter is made with cherry-wood smoked malt and toasted Canadian hemp seeds. Released each year on April 20 and aged throughout the year, its flavor matures with time. Available on draught for release on April 20.

Applefest AppleWeizen

For this fall seasonal, we partner our hefeweizen wheat ale with local, organic Honeycrisp Apple Juice from our friends in La Crescent, the "Apple Capital of Minnesota." This creates a one-of-a-kind, tangy salute to the Autumn apple harvest! The locals enjoy it so much, it became the official beer of Applefest. 5.0% ABV.

Harvest Ale

Seasonally brewed each fall with Wisconsin malt, the coolest thing about the amber-colored Harvest Ale is that it relies on hops grown right here at the brewery for its flavor and aroma — and each year is a little different, depending on how the growing season went. Some years it’s a bit more flavorful and has stronger hoppiness; other years it’s milder. This year, it’s got lots of hops! 7.0% ABV. Available on draught early October.

Lederhosen Lager Fest Bier

Come late September each year in La Crosse, people start feeling the gemütlichkeit. And when they start feeling it, it's time to dust off their lederhosens and drink beer! Lederhosen Lager is Pearl Street Breweryʼ s salute to La Crosse's great German heritage and the 150 years of brewing tradition here. Brewed with Pilsen and Vienna malts and true German lager yeast, and spiced with Hallertau pair hops, this 5.5% ABV amber beer is malty and easy to drink.

Bedwetter Barleywine

Caution: Too many of these beers may cause an unhealthy loss in sex appeal, maturity and bladder control. Named from experience, this is the big daddy of beers. Brewed with seven types of barley and two different hops, this strong ale is aged in our cellar for a full year before release. Comes in at 11% ABV.

Evil Doppleganger Dopplebock

Evil Doppleganger means “Evil Twin” in German. This German lager is one of the many bock biers our Bavarian relatives have given us. A dopplebock is a “double bock,” meaning it’s a double dose of malt and hops, which yields a stronger flavored beer with a higher alcohol content. Cue evil laughter. 8.0% ABV. Available on draught in May.

Linalool Pale Ale

The world's only Pale Ale brewed using the indigenously WI grown Wild Northern Discovery Hops, rich in a the fragrant aroma of linalool. No commercial hops have such a high linalool concentration as these Wild Wisconsin hops.

Pearl-Iner Weisse

Called the "People's Champagne" this cloudy, sour wheat beer that originated in 16th century Berlin, Germany. Brewed with German yeast and other critters and often served with a dose of Woodruff or Raspberry syrup. 4.5% ABV.

Maris Heidelberg's Last Run

A Wisconsin twist on a Belgian staple. Brewed with 100% imported grains including British Maris Otter & German Heidelburg, along with Wisconsin-grown Northern Discovery and French Strisselspalt hops. Table beers were the "soda" of Belgium, coming in at very low ABV, often under 2%. Ours is calibrated to Wisconsin standards at a whopping 4%ABV. Barrel aged in 12 year old whiskey barrels.

17-UP Anniversary Gose

Brewed to celebrate 17 years of The Pearl Street Brewery; this is a tangy and refreshing conundrum. A Gose is a top-fermented beer , usually brewed with salt and spices, that originated in Goslar, Germany four-hundred or so years ago. This particular Gose is flavored with natural lemon-lime essence for a mind-warping exbeerience. It is brewed with 60% of the grain bill being malted wheat. 5% ABV

Citrye IPA

Also known around the brewery as "Cat's Eye PA", this wonderfully unbalanced Citra-hopped IPA is pure neuvo hop-lovers' bliss. Rye is the burly thug of the grass family and lends a husky, roggenbier tone to this medium-bodied IPA. We dig it. 6% ABV