The Brew Crew

We Brew. Everybody Drinks. Repeat.

Meet the Brew Crew…  Back in 1999, craft beers were revolutionizing America’s beer culture. That same year, Brewmaster Joe Katchever founded Pearl Street Brewery — with only a dream, a 1984 Eagle Wagon, and a trailer packed with brewery equipment driven from Colorado to the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Although Joe and his dad started in a small, subterranean brewhouse on Pearl Street, the celebration and Grand Opening was enough to attract a mob of flavor-starved people and get Mayor Medinger to tap the inaugural keg. Pearl Street Brewery eventually expanded to the historic La Crosse Footwear building on Saint Andrew Street.

We’ve come a long way. Today, Pearl Street beer can be found on tap in most restaurants and bars in the area and on the shelves of retailers around the state — and now, in Minnesota and Iowa. But the one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is a big commitment to making great beer. It is the only thing that still matters. It’s that simple. We’re inspired by good beer.

The crew behind the brew.

What kind of people run a brewery? The dedicated kind. The fun kind. The do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-it-done kind. At PSB, we attribute the fine quality of our beers to the fine-quality men and women who make it happen. Stop in and get to know the people behind your favorite brew.

  • tone Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    a.k.a. Tone

    Founder, Quality Control (wink, wink!). Although he lives in Port Washington (“Lakeside”), Tone remains an integral part of the brewery. His hobbies include working on his perpetual architectural fantasy and driving long distances to hang out with his cutie-pie granddaughter…and have a fresh PSB pint, of course!

  • Joe Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI

    Joe Katchever

    a.k.a. BrewMaster

    Owner, Founder, Brewmaster, Production Manager, Beer Aficionado and all-around bad-ass; Joe truly immerses himself in his work. He is living proof that where there’s a will…there’s definitely a way. Hobbies include beer, brewing beer, drinking beer, talking beer, cooking stir-fry, burnin’ down the road on his chopper, and sampling his own wares.

  • tami Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    a.k.a. BrewMistress

    Co-owner and Director of Sales and Marketing, or as her favorite coffee mug reads: “Queen of F***ing Everything.” She only breaks for a steamy, spicy bowl of Pho or maybe a quick workout! When she’s not holdin’ down the fort here at PSB, you’ll find her burnin’ up the tar on her Sporty, hanging out at The Boathouse, or snuggling with The Sprout.

  • The Sprout

    a.k.a. Junior Brewmaster

    Sprout joined our brewery family on May 31, 2009, and has already made quite the impression with beer (and kid!) enthusiasts alike. Although she might not be old enough to sample the wares right now, she’s already established herself as The Boss. Hobbies include practicing for her dream performance on The Voice, practicing her forms and getting ready to test for her next belt in karate and dancing around the brewery.

  • jordan Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    Jordan wasn’t just born to brew. Nope. He done learned it too! He joined us with a good base of brewing knowledge as a Siebel Institute graduate,  and he also spent a year studying in Germany. And since he lays no claim to any amazing stupid human tricks, and joining the circus is out, he’s stickin’ with beer. Oh did we mention he’s from Chicago? While he won’t admit to being a Bears fan… he didn’t exactly deny it!

  • staff Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    a.k.a. Jesse

    Sure, you can call Pickles by his real name, but that would just be weird. Pickles kegs. Pickles bottles. Pickles prefers Pearl Street Pale Ale. Pickles pours potent potables into a pickle-patterned flask. No word yet on if he picks pickled peppers, but he does like telling the story of how he got his name. So if you catch him when he’s not tinkering around filling up containers with beer, buy Pickles a Pale and ask him about it (try saying that 10 times fast!).

  • Mary Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    Some folks sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Mary, she sings 99 six packs for beer on the wall. She’s put together more six packs in her time here than most people drink. I said MOST people.  And when she’s not out and about hanging out with her boyfriend, she’s laying low. She’d love to travel  more some day. But right now, she’s content where she is. And when she’s NOT  content… she’ll let you know it! #dontpissheroff

  • staff Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    a.k.a. Emo

    Erin’s never been known to turn down a shift, so you can bet you’ll run into her at the Tasting Room. She knows how to sweetly pour you a pint, but we’ve seen her shoot tequila with the manliest of men. Known to have quite the green thumb, if she’s not chasing around after her son Shay, she’s diggin’ in some dirt somewhere making pretty things grow!

  • Travis Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    Pound for pound he has more tattoos than anyone else in the brewery. Now that’s tough. When it comes to keeping this group organized, showing up on time and looking great at events, you need to be tough. And he is. He threatened to “hunt us down and come down on us with the burning rage of a thousand suns…” if we didn’t keep things organized. *gulp* *shiver* *shake* He fits in just right around here. With 13 members in his family, he’s learned to be heard! It could also be the reason he’s broken 25 separate bones in his body. Tough exteriors aside, he’s a softie who loves animals and hopes for world peace.

  • staff Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    a.k.a. Happy Horn

    As a farmer, Ben’s used to answering questions about his farm and his produce. That’s why he’s such a great fit here. He just gets it. When he’s not peddling his fresh grown fruits and veggies at local farmers’ markets, he dealing with our pedalers every Wednesday for Free Wheelin’ Wednesdays. And just to make sure he doesn’t have too much free time on his hands, he’s also a long-time employee of Buzzard Billy’s Downtown La Crosse.

  • Alan Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    In case you haven’t noticed. We like to nickname things and people around here. We can’t help it. Sometimes folks arrive with one. Sometimes they are assigned one. And other times, it is bestowed upon them. Alan, is our rare Dorito. Who new, there were more flavors than nacho cheese and cool ranch? But our youngest crew member assures us there are… and they are awesome. So there you have it. He’s the first RARE Dorito that we’ve ever met.

  • Jacque Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    Definition: am-bi-dex-trous (adj) – (of a person) able to use right hands and left hands equally well. Her gift comes in “handy” when it comes to sipping pints of great craft beer…. and really life in general. Often called Jacq, she’s a packaged deal. Where you find Jacq, you often find her sisters Mckenzie and Veronica. Yes, they are the Olson sisters. But not THOSE sisters. She’s a woman-child with a genuine spirit that wants to roam AND save the earth. Besides loving our local beer culture, she’s pretty keen on her man Aaron, who’s a gifted musician, lives in a camper and cuts his own hair.

  • Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    a.k.a. MumDMC

    Nothing gets by Darcey. She’s spot on and on top of it. She loves to serve up warm fuzzies and the beer buzzies when you come visit us. And when she’s not here beertending, she’s at home chasing after two daughters and twin boys. Uffda! We can say that because she’s from MN. But her football soul belongs to Green Bay. Go figure.

  • Brittany Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    We all have that ONE friend who is always chipper, full of energy and game for anything. They are annoying right? Well not Brittany. She says she does her best work under pressure. And we think she’s right. But more importantly, she does her BEST under pressure AND she does it nicely. As our graphic designer, she makes our beer look as great as it tastes. She also represents the CRAFT in craft brewery. Literally. When you give her a decorating or craft project, she’s the only one who doesn’t consider it a punishment. She has yet to travel the world, but when she does, she wants to taste as many great ales and lagers as possible. It’s good to have goals.

  • Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI



    What happens when you hang around PSB long enough? You get put on the schedule. So, it was not surprising when Angi found herself on the other side of the bar… working as one of our fine beertenders. She fits in just fine with her red hair and her quick witt. Her can-do attitude is an asset with the never ending to-do list… she’s great at volunteering for tasks, AND enlisting the help of her husband Chad. Careful Chad… the schedule has some openings!

  • Marty Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    Marty, one of our Tour Guides and Special Events Guys, may have an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity (we’ll let you stew over who that might be) but that’s not why he’s famous. Just a few weeks on the job and Marty was already voted fan favorite among our tour guides. And although his pic belies his outgoing personality. He is the MOST hospitable person on our team. He’s that guy you find yourself talking to as if you have been “friends” for years. And if you are still stewing over who his doppleganger is… you need to brush up on your cult 90’s tv shows!

  • Dalton Pearl Street Brewery La Crosse, WI


    Our Tasting Room & Hospitality Manager offers service with a smile. It’s not overrated. And to do it with genuine friendliness isn’t as easy as one might think. Unless you are Dalton. He’s got that part perfected. And it shows. A hospitality pro, Dalton will guarantee not only fantastic service, but the BEST Old Fashioned in the state! As much as he loves the river and bluff lands, he aspires to check out the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Around here, he’s a Dalton of All trades. That’s the way he likes it. And… he does it all… yup, you guessed it, with a smile!

  • jeff, staff at pearl street brewery


    This guy finds everything interesting. Perhaps too much so. His interests run the gamut and he is happy to share them, but thinks beer should be involved in the conversation. (good thinker!) He’s the resident jack-of-all-trades, and he is a pirate. Yep, it’s true. He and his other half, Alyssa, joined the Brew Crew together. You know what they say, “the family that craft beers together, stays together”.

  • Ian staff member at pearl street brewery


    Ever see that hero stocking up Pearl Street Brews, destined for a short stint in your fridge, at the local gas station or grocery store? That’s Ian. When he isn’t out making your trip for milk a little bit happier of an experience, he’s busy taking care of his daughter Ivy. Being a dad is what it’s all about.

  • matt staff at pearl street brewery


    Our On-Premise Sales Ambassador! A fun term for getting those Pearl Street Brewery beers on tap at your local watering hole. He can tell you all about our beers and helps to find them good homes. Matt’s a single dad with a both a teenager and an elementary school son. Hobby? Who has time for a hobby with those boys? The kids ARE the hobby.

  • alyssa staff member at pearl street brewery


    Do you enjoy the fun events at Pearl Street? Alyssa helps in making them happen smoothly. Plus, she’s an all around gopher, getting things done. If made to choose a Hogwarts House – she’d land in Ravenclaw. Out of the Brewery she’s busy with her daughter and, as she says, tolerating the resident Pirate.

  • emily staff at pearl street brewery


    She’s invested in the Northside of La Crosse and loves everything Pearl Street Brewery does to support the community, plus the family friendly vibe of the brewery. When not serving up your favorite PSB beer she teaches 10th grade English. And while not the best crafter in the world, she can make a mean scrunchy!

  • joe e staff at pearl street brewery

    Joe E or “Joe-EEEEEE”

    He likes to stay on top of issues in the community and believes local politics are where it’s at. He’s happy to talk City and County level goings-on while serving up Pearl Street beer. A journalist by training he’s passionate about the area. He also spent many years doing sound and lighting for events and knows the local music scene.