Pearl Street Brewery hosting local rock music including the debut of the The Singularity Warning

Pearl Street Brewery hosting the debut of the The Singularity Warning

La Crosse WI: Pearl Street Brewery is welcoming The Singularity Warning, Floyd Turbo and Midwest Voltage to the Tasting Room Saturday, August 3, 2019. 

Midwest Voltage was formed in early 2013, Matt Smith and twin brothers Hugh Rose and Andrew Rose make up the Indie-Rock trio. Centered in La Crosse, WI, their fresh new sound of explosive progressive rock mixed with spacey riffs, sets them aside from the local music scene. 

Smith and the Rose brothers have been playing in local bands in the La Crosse area for over 2 decades, and have crafted their original sound out of the love of simple, catchy, and tight riffs. Now all in their mid 30’s, the band draws inspiration from early 1990’s rock and post punk and are a well-oiled, ass-kicking machine. They have played many clubs and bars in the Wisconsin/Minnesota areas as well as festivals in Western Wisconsin.

The Singularity Warning hails from the former Earth colony of La Crosse, Wisconsin. They are Travis Tippery, Jeff Brennan, Kean Fallon, and Schuyler Leehey. You may know them from such acts as Lava, Rhinestone Convoy, Sowbelly Bitchhog, Droids Attack, and Of Conscience. They are the heralds of warning for what remains of the human race, and their message is conveyed through sonic guitars, booming bass, and ground-pounding drums. The elements of technology leak into their organic roots; screeching robot speak and the sounds of hydraulic systems intertwine with a heavy blues groove in a marriage made in space and technological mayhem.  

What: The Singularity Warning, Floyd Turbo and Midwest Voltage

When: Saturday, August 3 2019

Where: Pearl Street Brewery  – 1401 St Andrew St La Crosse, WI 54603

Cost: $5.00

Time: 7-11pm 

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