Pearl Street Brewery to Release Limited CBD Infused Beer and 2019 Smokin’ Hemp Porter

Smoking Hemp

4/20 Green Party with TUGG and People Brothers Band

April 20 from 4-8pm |  $7.00 | Purchase here. 

Pearl Street Brewery Tasting Room

1401 St Andrew St La Crosse, WI 54603


Pearl Street Brewery is currently announcing their upcoming Spring beer release of its 2019 batch of Smokin’ Hemp Porter available regionally on April 20th (4/20) and a CBD infused limited draft only available at the Pearl Brewery Tap Room. The name of the CBD beer will be unveiled at the highly anticipated 4/20 release event.

Another Pearl Street original, and a Silver Medal Winner at the World Beer Championships, the Smokin’ Hemp Porter is a dark, smooth, and easy drinkin’ porter made with cherry-wood smoked malt and toasted hemp seeds. (Limited 4/20 Release – 5.5% ABV 18 IBUs)

Pearl Street Brewery is ahead of its time when it comes to releasing beer that actually contains hemp. Pearl Street Founder and Brewmaster, Joe Katchever has been brewing and serving Smokin’ Hemp Porter on draught since 2008. Katchever says, “although I applied several times, I couldn’t get Federal label approval for this beer because it had the word ‘hemp’ on the label. I have many emails back and forth with the TTB (the Federal Agency that regulates alcohol product labels) explaining that the beer did not contain illegal substances and that hemp itself is not illegal. It was not until recently that they were able to give me their permission to label and sell this beer outside of the state.”  Smokin’ Hemp Porter has been sold in bottles since 2015.

Pearl Street Brewery will be showcasing the 2019 batch of Smokin’ Hemp Porter and the new CBD infused draft at the Pearl Street Brewery Tap Room on April 20 from 4-8pm during the  during the 4/20 Green Party with TUGG and People Brothers Band.

Information available at or by downloading the Pearl Street Brewery App.

About TUGG

TUGG continues to prove why they’re a fast rising star of the alternative reggae/ska scene. All of the bands last 5 releases have debuted in the Top 50 of the iTunes Reggae Chart. Their 2012 EP “Home Brew” climbed all the way to #2 and spent 3 weeks in the Hot 100 iTunes Reggae Album Chart (

About People Brothers Band

Originally hailing out of Madison, Wisconsin, The People Brothers Band (PBB) are a staple of the Midwest’s vibrant music scene. Featuring some of the best vocalists and musicians in the region, the PBB have blossomed into a unique brand of Rhythm and Soul dedicated to uplifting the hearts and minds of its friends and fans (

Watch Pearl Street Brewery on the the new Discover Wisconsin.

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