Pearl Street Brewery’s El Hefe Bavarian Hefeweizen is back!

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El Hefe Bavarian Hefeweizen is back in brewing rotation at Pearl Street Brewery, last brewed in 2019, this full time to seasonal brew was paused to make room for other new beers that hit the market and the public demanded to have it back, the Bavarian-style wheat beer is available in bottles and on tap. 

“We got some push-back when we stopped production of this beer” says Brewmaster Joe Katchever, “this one customer in particular would buy seven cases of El Hefe every week from the grocery store and when she couldn’t get it any more, she took it out on the clerks at the store so, they would keep asking me when it was coming back.” He went on to say, “She ended up buying ten cases last week when it was back on the shelf!”

The El Hefe is a Bavarian-style wheat beer brewed with American barley and wheat malts. Fermented with Weinstephan yeast for a subtle banana clove aroma often found in Bavarian wheat beers. Traditionally unfiltered, and usually served with a wedge of lemon. 5% ABV  8 IBUs. 

As one of our beers from our original line-up back in 1999, this notable beer is great for the summer season. It pairs really well with any backyard BBQ, it’s a great addition to a day on the river or some quiet time and a good book. This sessionable ale has always been a fan favorite!

Be the Brewmeister!
Be the Brewmeister!

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