Pearl Street Brewery’s first run of Shitty Lyte Beer in Cans is goofy!

Shitty Lyte Beer
Shitty Lyte Beer

Make a video or post a pic of yourself tipping the can bottoms-up and post it on our Facebook Page. Win a shitty prize!

Pearl Street Brewery has released Shitty Lyte Beer in cans! But there’s a twist… The inaugural first can-run of the Shitty has certain cans with upside down labels! The goofy bastards at Pearl Street have placed one of these upside-down labeled cans in certain six packs. Find one of these cans, and “turn it up”.  Make a video or post an image of yourself tipping the can bottoms-up and post it on their Facebook Page. Win a shitty prize! Might be a t-shirt. Might be a Shitty can koozie. Might be a case. Every video with at least three likes wins! Contest runs through July. Chug-a-lug, ladies.

Perfect for your partying out in the sun this Summer, Shitty in the can is the best way to enjoy your favorite Shitty beer outside! So Pearl Street Brewery now wants to celebrate by offering Shitty Lyte drinkers part of the Shitty legacy who find the upside down can to have some fun! Contest ends July 31, 2020.

About Shitty Lyte Beer

The Award Winning Pearl Street Brewery stated that “Shitty Lyte” Beer was our answer to “Got anything light?” For 18 years Joe Katchever Owner, Founder, Brewmaster, Production Manager, Beer Aficionado  has always answered this question with, “We don’t make shitty light beer”. And for almost 20 years, they never did. “Then someone said that we couldn’t do it. Well that was a challenge, and when it comes to beer, I love challenges.”

A better Light American Lager

So how did Pearl Street Brewery take the traditional American Light Mega-Lager and make it better?

– Locally made by your friends!

– Fresher ingredients
– No additives or preservatives
– Unpasteurized

Now YOU can drink some shitty beer and drink local beer, too. 

Craft American Lager

4.2% ABV

5 IBUs

112 Calories

8 Carbs


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