Award Winning Brewery Makes a Mediocre Beer, or did it….?

Things to Know about Shitty Lyte Beer

“I could have a few of these”

– Michelle from Holmen, WI

La Crosse WI:  Pearl Street Brewery, known for brewing a wide variety of award winning beers has released what seems at first blush, to be a lackluster addition to their line-up.  The initial release of the beer in 2018 was at that time embraced with casual shrug and general groan of indifference.

The Award Winning Pearl Street Brewery stated that “Shitty Lyte” Beer was our answer to “Got anything light?” For 18 years Joe Katchever Owner, Founder, Brewmaster, Production Manager, Beer Aficionado  has always answered this question with, “We don’t make shitty light beer”. And they never did. “Then someone said that we couldn’t do it. Well that was a challenge, and when it comes to beer, we love challenges.”

Shitty Lyte Beer was initially met with minor enthusiasm but now positive testimonials are trickling in from some parts of Wisconsin:


“This ain’t too bad” 

– Wayne from Minocqua, WI

“Hey! This isn’t really that shitty at all” 

– Verne from Milwaukee, WI

“It’s pretty good shit, actually”

– Bill from Spooner, WI

“It’s kinda like they finally figured out how to make beer”

– Matt from Cedar Grove, WI


So how did Pearl Street Brewery take the traditional American Light Mega-Lager and make it better?  Pearl Street Brewery reported that they made it fresher, using local ingredients with an unpasteurized finish and cold fermented it with a single strain of clean lager yeast With inclusion of the quality aquifers of La Crosse County and the Mississippi River Valley, the beer is now available and can be utilized to boil brats, give to in-laws and perhaps drink yourself.

Craft American Lager

4.2% ABV
5 IBUs
110 Calories
8 Carbs

About Pearl Street Brewery

Pearl Street Brewery has been creating award-winning craft beers in La Crosse, WI for 20 years.  Their beer can be found in restaurants, bars, and retailers all over Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Brewery tours are available every Friday and Saturday and patrons can visit the Tasting Room Tuesday through Sunday.  The brewery plays host to musical groups, yoga classes, fundraisers, and many community events.

Media Contact:

Tami Plourde
Owner / Director Sales and Marketing
Pearl Street Brewery
1401 Saint Andrew Street
La Crosse, WI 54603
608-784-4832 Ext 6

Watch Pearl Street Brewery on the the new Discover Wisconsin.

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