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Pearl Street Brewery (PSB) has set a Tuesday, September 8, 2020 deadline for its Growler Sustainability – Six Pack Exchange Program. For 13 years, in an effort to sustainably produce beer and encourage recycling, Pearl Street Brewery has been accepting clean, undamaged six-pack carriers for re-use in production in exchange for free growler fills in the Tasting Room.

The change is in part due to the nationwide shortage of beer packaging materials due to COVID-19, and Pearl Street Brewer’s recent acquisition of  a canning line.

Until September 8, 2020, patrons and supporters of Pearl Street Brewery can bring in 10 clean and undamaged six-pack carriers (any PSB beers) in exchange for a free growler fill in the Tasting Room. After the deadline Pearl Street Brewery will only be accepting six-pack carriers of the brewery’s flagship D.T.B Brown Ale. Limit on fill per person per day.

Since 2007, Pearl Street Brewery believes it has recycled 52,000 of six-pack carriers and given over 5,200 FREE Growlers

Pearl Street Brewery will still continue its Pint Programs where customers can bring in one clean, undamaged six pack carrier with a recent receipt from a local store, and receive a free pint in the tasting room.

Other recently released canned beer includes V|O Haze, and Supreme Fatty, Linalool IPA, D.T.B Brown Ale, Shitty Lyte Beer

The canned beers are available in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa and in the PSB Tasting Room which is now open and is  taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions.

Carryout is available and encouraged. 

Learn more about the Recycle for Beer Program

Over the last 14 years, the Pearl Street Brewery community has recycled six-packs in exchange for growler fills at their Tasting Room. This has resulted in a reduction of the consumption of an estimated 41,600 six pack carriers! This has been a reduction of nearly 10,000 pounds of paper pulp from trees used in packaging of our beers.

Pearl Street Brewmaster Joe Katchever created this program back in 2007, when PSB began packaging beer in bottles. Disgusted by the vast amount of waste involved in single-serve packaging, Katchever found a way to bring environmental awareness and reduce consumer consumption and the brewery’s carbon footprint. To reward customers for recycling and to foster this program, Pearl Street Brewery has given away 20,800 gallons of beer at a cost of around $500,000 in the last 16 years.

“The ocean and the landfills are full of disposable, single use packaging material. I did not pursue packaged beer for over eight years because I didn’t want to contribute to that,” says Katchever. “I felt the Recycle for Beer Program was a great way to keep people aware of their consumption of throw-away packaging material and reward them with beer for acting in an environmentally responsible way.”

Pearl Street Brewery is transitioning much of their packaging to cans, which are friendlier to the environment, Katchever says, “To be honest, I am convinced that canned beer stays fresher, longer and if you combine that with the reduced environmental impact, it’s a no-brainer.”

After 14 years, The Recycle for beer program is coming to an end. The last day Pearl Street will be accepting empty six-pack carriers is September 8th. If you have been saving Pearl Street six-packs, now is the time to bring them in for a growler fill at the Tasting Room.

After the deadline Pearl Street Brewery will only be accepting six-pack carriers of the brewery’s flagship D.T.B Brown Ale. Limit on fill per person per day.

About Pearl Street Brewery 

Pearl Street Brewery has been creating award-winning craft beers in La Crosse, WI for 21 years.  Their beer can be found in restaurants, bars, and retailers all over Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Patrons can visit the Tasting Room Tuesday through Saturday.  The brewery plays host to many community events and is very involved in local charity work.

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