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Things to Know about Pearl Street Linalool IPA

Linalool IPA, the only IPA brewed with Northern Discovery® hops.

Featuring a crisp golden yellow color, and the unique aroma of lilac, pear, and bruised apple.

1) Special Hops

Linalool IPA is brewed with this rare species of hops that was discovered growing wild by a UW-Madison Horticulture Botanist, who was also a homebrewer. Upon brewing with the mystery hop, he also discovered that it made good beer! The family began cultivating this new hop variety on their Madison area farm and their curiosity got the best of them. They had the plant genetically tested to determine which strain it was, only to discover that it was not genetically identical to any commercially available strain of hops, making it a unique variety.

2)  Unique

With a unique genetic fingerprint and 2.5 times more linalool (an aromatic compound that gives hops their essence) than any commercial variety.

3) Rare

Northern Discovery hops are produced by a single Wisconsin grower — and Pearl Street Brewery has the exclusive rights to use this unique, indigenous hop variety, and it is featured in their Linalool IPA.

4) Growing

When Linalool was first brewed by Pearl Street Brewery, they were only able to brew it seasonally since there were not enough Northern Discovery hops available to meet the demand for the beer year-round. Since that time, production has ramped up to meet the demand for this unique and popular Wisconsin brew.

5) Science

According to Brewmaster Joe Katchever there is science behind the aromatics in Linalool IPA. “the linalool molecule actually bonds to a carbohydrate found in the beer forming what is called a glycoside. Glycosides are odorless and tasteless but during aging, the molecular bond breaks and the linalool is released into the beer and you can smell it. By carefully controlling the pH of the beer, we can maximize the formation of glycosides.”

You’ll be wild about it. 6.8% ABV. 60 IBUs….More at

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