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Pearl Street Brewery’s Seasonal Release of Dankenstein IIPA Is Out Now

 Seasonal Release of Gosecopia made with Wisconsin Cranberries.

With each Fall comes the anticipated release of  Dankenstein IIPA! “Dank” is a freak of a beer brewed with a monster mix of pure barley malts stitched together with a hodgepodge of the stinkiest hops Pearl Street Brewery could find. This beer is determined to be quite dank with a starting gravity of 19.2 and colossal quadruple-hoppings in the brew kettle. It is unfiltered and cask conditioned for the freshest flavor. (Limited Fall Release – 10% ABV & 146 IBUs)

The Seasonal Dankenstein IIPA will be available in stores in La Crosse County and around Western Wisconsin and will be available on tap at the Pearl Street Brewery Tasting Room. 

What does “cask conditioned” mean? 

Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) comes from the fermentation of beer. Before modern brewing practices were possible, beer was transferred into casks (barrels) and bottles before it was fully done fermenting, so some of the CO2 would become trapped inside to make the beer bubbly. Alternately, a shot of fermentable sugar was added just before kegging or bottling to give the yeast fuel to make enough CO2 for a nice, bubbly head. Nowadays, virtually no beer is produced this way. Most beer has carbonation bubbles added to it to give it that nice head we all love so much.

When we brew Dankenstein, we condition the beer in casks and bottles, just as it was brewed for thousands of years before modern brewing practices were employed. The result? A refined flavor with a dense, rocky head and a little sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Some like to pour the beer into a glass and leave the sediment behind, but we like to swirl it around and drink the healthy yeast sediment.

Dankenstein IIPA will also be available in La Crescent, Winona, and south eastern Minnesota. Bars and Restaurants interested in putting Dankenstein IIPA on tap or selling it in bottles can contact Pearl Street Brewery.