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Pearl Street Brewery and Hoch Orchards Partner for production in Wisconsin

Pearl Street Brewery has partnered with Hoch Orchard Hard Cider out of Nodine, MN to produce and sell their ciders in Wisconsin.  Pearl Street Brewery will produce and package Hoch Orchards Ciders through their company Turisimo Fermentations, LLC.

Pearl Street Brewery has worked with Hoch Orchard & Gardens for many years utilizing its organic fruits in versions of Pearl Street Brewery Beer and products. The idea to collaborate was an easy decision for both the Brewery and Orchard. Pearl Street Brewmaster Joe Katchever stated  “We take pride in utilizing locally sourced products from Wisconsin and Minnesota Farmers, and we like to set an example of how an entity can invest in locally produced products made directly in our own backyard.” 

Jackie Hoch of Hoch Orchard & Gardens, stated “Our relationship has been growing since the start of the Pearl Street Brewery and it has only strengthened with our combined passion of the La Crosse area and the Driftless region. This collaboration made sense to further that relationship”. 

The Hoch Orchard Hard Cider are available in 12 oz bottles and offer a wide range of seasonal ciders starting with Wet Hopped Summer Cider and Cidre Nouveau released in November, Winter Spruce tip, Spring Bulmers Irish and multiple fruit blends, including: strawberries, rhubarb, raspberry, apricot, plum, tart cherry and others. 100% of the fruits used are grown organically on Hoch’s farm.

About Hoch Orchard & Gardens 

Hoch Orchards strives to produce high quality fruit with minimal pesticide use. In 2010, Hoch Orchard & Gardens completed a transition plan and the whole farm is now certified organic. The farm is a vertically integrated food production system and only sell fruit that they grow. Not only does Hoch Orchard & Gardens grow all the fruit they sell, they also harvest, store, clean, pack, and distribute the fruit grown on the farm.

Business interested in carrying Hoch Orchard Hard Cider may contact Tami Plourde at Pearl Street Brewery. The Hoch Orchard Fest Cider is available in 4-Packs and individual pints at the Pearl Street Brewery Tasting Room during normal business hours.


Tami Plourde
Owner / Director Sales and Marketing
Pearl Street Brewery
1401 Saint Andrew Street
La Crosse, WI 54603
608-784-4832 Ext 6