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Pearl Street Brewery Releasing Seasonal Favorite Al Caporter in Cans

Pearl Street Brewery Releasing Seasonal Favorite Al Caporter in Can

Pearl Street Brewery will be debuting fan favorite Al Caporter in cans this month.

Al Caporter is brewed with roasted barley, caramel and chocolate malts and flavored with chocolate and strawberry. It was first released as an experimental beer at the 2018 Pearl Street Brewery Winter Ball. It has since been found on tap at the Tasting Room and at select locations around La Crosse, WI and now it will be available for everyone to enjoy.

Brewmaster Joe says, “We planned on releasing this beer in cans sometime this year, and decided to wait until the weather turned cool. This is a rich, chocolatey Porter and you’ll find it to be full bodied and robust in flavor and aromatically.” “People ask me about the name.” He went on, “Many will recall, it was a beer we released for a 1920’s Gangster-themed Winter Ball a couple years ago. Al Capone is synonymous with the organized crime era of the 1920’s. Most people don’t know this, but Prohibition fueled organized crime in this country; as the gangsters were providing alcohol to the masses during prohibition and also raking in millions of dollars in revenue, giving them great power and resources to run their organizations. This ultimately led to the repeal of Prohibition and to the three-tier system which we still use today.”

The artwork for the can was designed with input from Brewmaster Joe and the artists at ON3 Print and Design, a local, women-run design firm in La Crosse, WI.

Look for Al Caporter in 16oz cans by the end of the month wherever you buy the best craft beers.

About Pearl Street Brewery

Pearl Street Brewery has been creating award-winning craft beers in La Crosse, WI for 21 years. Their beer can be found in restaurants, bars, and retailers all over Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. The Tasting Room is open for beer lovers from Tuesday through Sunday. The brewery hosts many community events and is very involved in local charity work.

Things to Know about Smokin’ Hemp Porter

Things to Know about Smokin’ Hemp Porter

Another Pearl Street original. This dark, smooth, and easy drinkin’ porter is made with cherry-wood smoked malt and toasted Canadian hemp seeds. When aged throughout the year, its flavor matures with time.

One of the First

Pearl Street Brewery is ahead of its time when it comes to releasing beer that actually contains hemp. Pearl Street Founder and Brewmaster, Joe Katchever has been brewing and serving Smokin’ Hemp Porter on draught since 2008.


Katchever says, “although I applied several times, I couldn’t get Federal label approval for this beer because it had the word ‘hemp’ on the label. I have many emails back and forth with the TTB (the Federal Agency that regulates alcohol product labels) explaining that the beer did not contain illegal substances and that hemp itself is not illegal.


First, barley malt is smoked over cherry wood to a sweet smokiness, then hemp seeds are toasted to a nutty brown. Then, they are mashed together with crystal and chocolate malts, to form the backbone of Smokin’ Hemp Porter. Lightly hopped with classic British hops and cold-conditioned.


You’ll find Smokin’ Hemp Porter to have an inviting smokiness remnant of Highland scotch. The body is medium and doesn’t fill you up as much as a heavier stout or robust porter. There is a noticeable nutty earthiness from the toasted hemp seeds and it finishes with a dry, non-cloying sweetness. Usually drunk fresh, this beer is often cellared for extended periods of a few months to a year or more. Figs, dates and vanilla flavor notes develop over time but the finish stays bold and smokey.

Limited 4/20 Release – 5.5% ABV 18 IBUs