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Things to Know about 17-Up Lemon Lime Gose

Things to Know about 17-Up Lemon Lime Gose

Originally brewed to celebrate 17 years of The Pearl Street Brewery, this is a tangy and refreshing conundrum.

From Nature

This sour summer ale has undergone spontaneous primary fermentation with wild, native microbes found in the air in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This natural, terroir fermentation doesn’t just create an inviting sourness, but also connects this beer to our land and our community.


This particular Gose is flavored with natural lemon-lime essence for a mind-warping exbeerience.


17Up is one of our versions of an ancient ale originating on the banks of the Gose River in northern Germany hundreds of years ago. To create the authentic water profile, we use real sea minerals harvested from an ancient sea bed to treat the water we brew this beer with. This beer is “wild” because it’s spontaneously and naturally fermented with wild microbes like it was centuries ago.

What’s Next for this Gose

This Gose was the first one to inspire the other three Goses we brew year-round. Look for the others, Like Gosecopia, Pop Gose and Sour Winter Gose when in season and download a free, printable beer release calendar to find our more!

Seasonal Summer Release – 5.3% ABV 3.5 IBUs

Things to Know about Shitty Lyte Beer

1) The Challenge

“Got anything light?” For 18 years our Brewmaster has always answered this question with, “We don’t make shitty light beer”. And we never did. Then someone said that we couldn’t do it. Well that was a challenge, and when it comes to beer, we love challenges.

2) Twist on the Traditional

How did we take the traditional American Light Mega-Lager and make it better? Easy. We made it fresher. Unlike the others, this isn’t pasteurized either. This allows the pure clean flavor to shine through. We use a single strain of clean lager yeast and cold ferment it.

3) Fresh Local Ingredients

We love writing checks to local farmers! Local means fresh. We source hops from three different Wisconsin family farms. Our malt is grown in North America and Malted in Wisconsin.

4) Water

Good water is the foundation of good beer. La Crosse has some of the best water in the best beer state in the country.

Last year, the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) voted La Crosse water the best tasting water in the state!

5) You too can be part of your local beer scene.

You’re a light beer drinker, we get it. You like beer just not all that dark stuff. Just because you want to drink something light, doesn’t mean you don’t support your local craft brewery. Now you can drink a low-cal, easy-drinking, great-tasting beer brewed by people you know. Beer brewed with wholesome and fresh ingredients instead of what the mega-brewers use. There’s something awesome about a non-pasteurized, quality craft beer that’s made in a hometown brewery.  Best of both worlds.

4.7% ABV – 5 IBUs – 112 Calories – 8 Carbs….More at