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Episode 1 – 20 Years of Beers at Pearl Street Brewery

Episode 1 – 20 Years of Beers at Pearl Street Brewery

Established in 1999, Brewmaster Joe Katchever and Brewmistress Tami Plourde tell the story of Pearl Street Brewery. From it’s beginnings on Pearl Street in La Crosse, WI to it’s current location in the city’s old rubber mills. It’s a story of craft beer and community.

Sprout for Kids Foundation is Stretching for A Cause

The Sprout for Kids Foundation and partners is proud to announce that they raised $894 in the first quarter of 2019 throughs its Poses & Pilates events taking place at Pearl Street Brewery, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to local charities including Essentials Health Clinic and New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers, Inc.

Since 2009 Pearl Street Brewery, in conjunction with On Three Printing and Design, has been raising funds for La Crosse area families, schools, and organizations through the Sprout for Kids Foundation, hitting over $30,000 raised for the community in 2018.


May Sprout Foundation / Pearl Street Brewery Events

May 12 – Pilates and Pints with Courageous Grace Fitness Studio

May 18 – Poses and Pints with Courageous Grace Fitness Studio

May 19 – Pilates and Pints with Courageous Grace Fitness Studio

May 25 – Poses and Pints with Sara Mae Yoga

May 26 – Pilates and Pints with Courageous Grace Fitness Studio

See more on our classes & events!


Sprout for Kids Foundation

Sprout for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is 100% volunteer run, and all the dollars raised go right to where they are needed. Since its inception, Sprout for Kids Foundations has worked with a multitude of area nonprofits and organizations including; Habitat for Humanity, The Boys and Girls Club, Hunger Task Force, Valley View Rotary, Rotary After Hours, Joe Was Just Joe Foundation, Kiwanis, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Steppin’ Out in Pink, and many more.

More on Sprout for Kids!


About New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers

New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers is the only shelter within a 65-mile radius of the City of La Crosse. It’s a shelter for individuals and families who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse, was organized in 1978 through the cooperative efforts of an informal group of citizens in the La Crosse area who recognized the need for services to victims of domestic abuse. The organization and mission has grown substantially since that time, now reaching out to victims of sexual abuse, human-trafficking, and more. New Horizons is on the front lines advocating for and helping victims with many issues that some people may think do not exist in our community. August of 2018 marked 40 years of serving the community


Things to Know about Shitty Lyte Beer

1) The Challenge

“Got anything light?” For 18 years our Brewmaster has always answered this question with, “We don’t make shitty light beer”. And we never did. Then someone said that we couldn’t do it. Well that was a challenge, and when it comes to beer, we love challenges.

2) Twist on the Traditional

How did we take the traditional American Light Mega-Lager and make it better? Easy. We made it fresher. Unlike the others, this isn’t pasteurized either. This allows the pure clean flavor to shine through. We use a single strain of clean lager yeast and cold ferment it.

3) Fresh Local Ingredients

We love writing checks to local farmers! Local means fresh. We source hops from three different Wisconsin family farms. Our malt is grown in North America and Malted in Wisconsin.

4) Water

Good water is the foundation of good beer. La Crosse has some of the best water in the best beer state in the country.

Last year, the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) voted La Crosse water the best tasting water in the state!

5) You too can be part of your local beer scene.

You’re a light beer drinker, we get it. You like beer just not all that dark stuff. Just because you want to drink something light, doesn’t mean you don’t support your local craft brewery. Now you can drink a low-cal, easy-drinking, great-tasting beer brewed by people you know. Beer brewed with wholesome and fresh ingredients instead of what the mega-brewers use. There’s something awesome about a non-pasteurized, quality craft beer that’s made in a hometown brewery.  Best of both worlds.

4.7% ABV – 5 IBUs – 112 Calories – 8 Carbs….More at 

Brewery Tours at Pearl Street Brewery (Video)

Check out the brewery tours at Pearl Street Brewery!

Pearl Street Brewery has been creating award-winning craft beers in La Crosse, WI for 20 years. Their beer can be found in restaurants, bars, and retailers all over Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Brewery tours are available every Friday and Saturday and patrons can visit the Tasting Room Tuesday through Sunday. The brewery plays host to musical groups, yoga classes, fundraisers, and many community events.

Watch Pearl Street Brewery on the the new Discover Wisconsin.

Things to Know about Pearl Street Linalool IPA

Linalool IPA, the only IPA brewed with Northern Discovery® hops.

Featuring a crisp golden yellow color, and the unique aroma of lilac, pear, and bruised apple.

1) Special Hops

Linalool IPA is brewed with this rare species of hops that was discovered growing wild by a UW-Madison Horticulture Botanist, who was also a homebrewer. Upon brewing with the mystery hop, he also discovered that it made good beer! The family began cultivating this new hop variety on their Madison area farm and their curiosity got the best of them. They had the plant genetically tested to determine which strain it was, only to discover that it was not genetically identical to any commercially available strain of hops, making it a unique variety.

2)  Unique

With a unique genetic fingerprint and 2.5 times more linalool (an aromatic compound that gives hops their essence) than any commercial variety.

3) Rare

Northern Discovery hops are produced by a single Wisconsin grower — and Pearl Street Brewery has the exclusive rights to use this unique, indigenous hop variety, and it is featured in their Linalool IPA.

4) Growing

When Linalool was first brewed by Pearl Street Brewery, they were only able to brew it seasonally since there were not enough Northern Discovery hops available to meet the demand for the beer year-round. Since that time, production has ramped up to meet the demand for this unique and popular Wisconsin brew.

5) Science

According to Brewmaster Joe Katchever there is science behind the aromatics in Linalool IPA. “the linalool molecule actually bonds to a carbohydrate found in the beer forming what is called a glycoside. Glycosides are odorless and tasteless but during aging, the molecular bond breaks and the linalool is released into the beer and you can smell it. By carefully controlling the pH of the beer, we can maximize the formation of glycosides.”

You’ll be wild about it. 6.8% ABV. 60 IBUs….More at

Watch Pearl Street Brewery on the the new Discover Wisconsin.